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The staff at Lisa’s School Dance is an amazing group of women who have dedicated their lives to dance and offer the gift of their knowledge and expertise to every student who walks through the studio doors.

With over 70 yrs combined teaching experience in multiple dance disciplines, the staff at Lisa’s School of Dance will be there to nurture and inspire each and every dancer at any level, beginner through advanced, preschool to adult.

Meet Our lisa's school of dance dash

Meet Our

Dance Teachers

langley dance teachers lisa
langley dance teachers lisa

Lisa Dew


Lisa Dew is Canadian Dance Teacher’s Association BC Branch Tap and Stage Division accredited teacher, as well as an IDTS (International Dance Teaching Standards) accredited teacher. She opened Lisa’s School of Dance in 1985 with just 10 students and over 32 years later has seen 1000’s of students walk through her doors!

Not only is Lisa the owner/director of Lisa’s School of Dance, she is also an active instructor trained in all dance disciplines, but now as her professional teaching career has evolved, specializes in Tap and Musical Theatre.

Having studied with many of the industries greats including, Brenda Buffalino, Heather Cornell, Lynn Dally, Savion Glover, Jeni Legon, Diane Walker, throughout Canada and the US, Lisa has honed her skills as an award winning choreographer, performer and adjudicator.

Lisa’s students have participated in Bronze, Silver and Gold Level C.D.T.A. tap exams achieving the highest honours. Several of past students have gone on to professional careers in dance, some performing professionally, some moving on to open their own successful dance studios.

Lisa’s students continuously rise to the challenges she sets out and the outstanding results are evident at every awards ceremony they participate in. Although Lisa’s students are able to compete at the highest level with outstanding results, the emphasis at the studio is dancing for the LOVE of it not with a competitive attitude. Lisa’s philosophy is that if you love what you are doing and you give it your very best, that is the ultimate reward. All of the Outstanding High Score Awards are just icing on the cake!

In 2015 Lisa’s was honoured with being chosen as “Choreographer” for Team Canada Tap. Lisa and her team of 48 of the most talented tap dancers that Western Canada had to offer travelled to Riesa Germany to compete on the World’s stage. The Jr. Formation Team stood proud on the podium taking home the Bronze Medal, placing 3rd in the entire world! Several of her other routines finished in the top 6 to 12th out 32 Countries!

One other trait that Lisa tries to instill in her students is to give back to the community and to be thankful for their opportunity to dance.  On a yearly basis the studio sponsors two families through the Langley Christmas Bureau and donates their time to give performances to Senior Centres, Hospitals, Schools and other community organizations.

langley dance teachers tamiko
langley dance teachers tamiko

Tamiko Hinze


Miss Tamiko is a graduate of Visions Dance Company, one of Canada’s most prestigious professional youth dance companies. As Sr. Soloist for Vision’s, Tamiko traveled yearly to compete in New York, Las Vegas and LA, and was also given the opportunity to dance several years in a row on the Main Stage in Disneyland. Tamiko was fortunate enough to participate in New York City Dance Alliance and Dance Excellences.

Tamiko held a National Title at I Love Dance for three years running, along with 2nd place Choreographer Of The Year in NYC. Out of 300 participants, Tamiko was awarded “The Dancer Showing the Most Potential for a Career in Dance”. Thanks to this scholarship Tamiko was able to train in NYC with some of the top dance instructors in the industry: Mia Michaels, Doug Caldwell, Susie Miller, McGary Cavan, Joe Lanteri, and more.

In 2002 Tamiko was unanimously accepted onto Team Canada to represent Canada in the “World Championships of Performing Arts”. Tamiko competed against 30 other countries, through 3 rounds of competitions, winning 6 gold Metals and 2 achievement awards for perfect scores.

Tamiko is dedicated and passionate about teaching her classes in Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical and Modern. Tamiko shares her high level of expertise, and utilizes many different techniques in her classes. Tamiko’s dancers have received many awards, from Over All High Scores to Judges Awards. Tamiko feels very fortunate to work with students who continue to show great potential.

Tamiko’s choreography has won her many scholarships from the Surrey Festival of the Performing Arts, as well as choreography awards from the Peak Invitational Dance Festival, and Shine Dance Festival.

Tamiko is a member of the NCCP ( National Coaching Certification Program) Holding her level 1 Coaching Certification in Ladies Artistic Gymnastics and Multi Sport. Through the NCCP, Tamiko is constantly learning and growing with online modules such as, Learning Fasilitor, Coach Evaluator, and Master Coaching Development. Tamiko is also a L.E.A.P  ( Let’s Evaluate Athletes Progress) Instructor and examiner.

Tamiko is a member of the CDTA, ( Canadian Dance Teachers Association) and recently became a IDTS ( International Dance Teachers Standard ) accredited teacher.  As a teacher , Tamiko believes in constantly learning and growing so that she can provide the best training to all her dancers.

langley dance teachers loni
langley dance teachers loni

Loni Cain


Miss Loni is an IDTS (International Dance Teaching Standards) accredited teacher.

As a dance teachers’ daughter, Loni’s passion for dance began at an early age. Taking the stage at only 18 months, she was destined to be a performer.

Throughout her years as a dancer, Loni has been recognized with multiple awards of excellence including taking all her C.D.T.A. Tap exams receiving the highest possible results, Honors with Distinction. A few of her outstanding accomplishments include; auditioning and securing a spot on the prestigious Canadian National Tap Team and taking home a silver medal in the World Tap Dance Championships in Riesa Germany. Loni was also chosen as one of a select group of dancers throughout Canada and the US, who demonstrated the potential ability to have a professional career in dance, to travel Los Angeles as well as NYC to take classes from the industries leaders.

Although she loves the excitement of performing in front of 1000’s of people, Loni came to realize that after a few years of assisting her mom Lisa teach her classes, and teaching a few on her own, that her true passion was to teach, and at  only 18 years of age, Loni began her teaching career

As a teacher Loni is passionate about instilling the love of dance and all its benefits into the lives of her students. She enjoys being a mentor to children and adults alike and has a special ability to connect with each student personally. She has completed the International Dance Teaching Standard Level 1, and is currently finishing her Level 2 certificate.

Almost a decade into her career, Loni is known for her thoughtful and intriguing pieces has been the recipient of several Choreography and Highest Scoring Routine awards. Loni continues to receive multiple choreography awards each season, and her students regularly receive high score achievements, as well as special achievement awards.

Through her creative and entertaining choreography and ability to bring out the best in her dancers, Loni hopes to instill her love of dance and performing into the lives of each student she meets. Loni looks forward to bringing fresh new energy and dedication to each season of teaching, and seeing just how many more lives she can touch through the love of dance.

langley dance teachers tianna
langley dance teachers tianna

Tianna Cain


Miss Tianna is trained in a wide variety of dance disciplines including Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, and Modern/Contemporary. Tianna has trained with some of the industry’s most talented dancers throughout Canada and the United States.

Tianna is a graduate of the Langley Fine Arts School, a dance major and former member of the Esprit De Corp dance company at LFAS. As a member of the Esprit, Tianna traveled to Miami to study dance expanding her repertoire.

As a performer, Tianna is outstanding in her theatrical ability and has won countless high score awards and scholarships including the opportunity to travel to L.A. with the “The Next Step” for those dancers showing promise in having a professional career in dance.

As a dance teachers’ daughter (Miss Lisa is her Mom) Tianna started dancing at the tender age of 3 yrs and stole the show from that day forward! Tianna was born to be on stage.

Miss Tianna’s excellence in dance and performance ability has secured her a spot on the Vancouver Giants Dance Team as well as the BC Lions Football Associations “ Felions” Dance Team. Tianna has also travelled to Bochum, Germany to participate in the 2014 IDO Hip Hop World Championships with Team Canada Hip Hop

In addition to her passion for dance, Miss Tianna is also passionate about yoga and is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor.

Tianna has brought her talent and enthusiasm to the studio throughout the years as an instructor in Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballet, and now Yoga.  From her first year of teaching, her students were awarded Overall High score placements in several dance festivals, competing in Championship events and continue to excel today.

langley dance teachers hayley
langley dance teachers hayley

Hayley Williams


Hayley first started to love dance through her competitive gymnastics training. She trained in competitive gymnastics for over 10 years and upon retiring at 16 as a National Gymnast, she continued to train in dance with her gymnastics facilities teacher Miss Tamiko. During this time, Hayley was involved in many sports ranging from two different World Cheer teams to Acrobatics, but she always felt a special place while dancing on the stage!

Hayley’s varied training and diversified background is what secured her many Special Ability and Stunt work roles for the entertainment industry,  including playing a cheerleader for the hit CW show “HellCats”. Hayley’s  most recent work includes working with Disney Director Kenny Ortega and Choreographer Paul Decker, who is known for the High School Musical trilogy, in the Disney feature musical “Descendants” as well as working  alongside” So You Think You Can Dance” star ‘Twitch’ in “Step Up 5”.

At the age of 15, Hayley started teaching dance at The Little Gym where she soon advanced to teaching all the Gymnastics classes as well for children age ranges 6 months – 12 year olds, following The Little Gyms Certification Structure. Hayley’s passion for dance and performing is what led her to pursue training in Long Beach, California attending various dance, acting and stunting workshops at California State University before returning back to B.C. to teach.

Hayley’s latest teaching credentials include completing the Acrobatic Arts Certification and following the Cirque Du Soleil acclaimed Acrobatic Arts Syllabus. Hayley now has over 10 years experience teaching various styles in multiple dance studios all over the Lower Mainland including teaching here at “Lisa’s” where she grew up dancing!

Miss Hayley’s dedication to athletic wellness has lead her to the lifestyle she leads today, including becoming a Nutritionist in 2015.  During the day you can find her attending her classes to complete her RHN Diploma and Doctor of Naturopathy Degree. Hayley has been co-owner of the Health and Wellness Company “Commodity Juicery” since 2016 and continues to be the company’s Nutritionist and Product Developer specializing in sports nutrition.

Miss Hayley’s main goal as a teacher is to spread her knowledge and help build happy, healthy and strong dancers for a long lasting future in the sport of dance.

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